Cat Overtures

The room was cozy and warm and Tiger was sleeping on the bed alone.  I’m tired too and decide to join for a nap.

A few minutes later here comes Benji.

“Still room,” he thought to himself.  “Perhaps if I’m really quiet he won’t notice.”

Tiger’s ears betray his annoyance but Benji settles in nearby anyway.

“Surely he’s ready to be my friend,” he thought to himself.

I watch the little drama unfold, a smile in my heart.  I am rooting for both of them.

“Good boy, Tiger,” I say. “It’s okay.”

Benji keeps his head down in submission while Tiger signals acceptance.

And then?   Well, this lovely scene lasts maybe five minutes until Benji looks up at Tiger, which is apparently forbidden.  And this seems to remind Tiger that he was there first and why does that boy persist in following him everywhere?  A short growl, some batting of the air and he’s gone.

“I want outside,”  Tiger says.


I praise Benji for trying.

“He can’t help it, Benji,” I say.  “He’s an old grouch.”

I love these 2 boys and can’t wait till they love each other.

~  Still waiting,  Susanne, Tiger and Benji.

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