The moon waits faithfully for the sun to appear

while Benji and Tiger contemplate their day.


8 Comments on “Awakening

      • It was dark here before 4 pm. It’s now almost 6. Our times are very different, on the other side of the world. One of the joys of blogging!

      • We get 8 hours of daylight today.. Sunrise was 7:52 am.. sunset 4:18 pm… hardly a day! but it does let me get some nice photos of the changing of the guard without having to get up too early! 🙂

    • Good Morning Lauren! I caught Benji in deep thought .. it may have been the freezing cold that slowed him down a bit .. I think Tiger was on the look out for Benji. You can’t be too careful. 🙂

  1. Boy, you sure can’t! Determined to get out this morning, I took the recycling to the county landfill depository. My SUV does fine on the frozen snow and up the 10%+ grade of our driveway. But whoa! Serious icewalk around the recycling bins! The County evidently didn’t think it necessary to sprinkle a little gravel and salt where we’re on foot tossing our recycling into the bins. . .?

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