This morning’s sunrise …

So this happened shortly before eight this morning and I was compelled once again to stop and take pictures.  I didn’t have my ‘real’ camera with me so I had to take this with my phone.  But really…  what else could I do?

And this verse comes to mind:  “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.”   Psalm 19:1

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “This morning’s sunrise …

  1. Amen. I’d have found it irresistible too. We’re always up between 5:30 and 6:00, but we don’t raise the shades till dawn. Now I see what we’re missing!

    • I don’t normally see the sunrise the rest of the year because I am not an early riser. But during the winter, the sunrise happens just before 8:00 just like this morning.. so I was able to see it.. this one honestly, was phenomenal!

  2. Great sunrise, Susanne. Don’t forget that not that long ago, the camera in your phone would have been in a ‘state of the art’ Digital SLR!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • True! My phone actually has a pretty decent camera (LG4).. I was content with it until my husband convinced me I would enjoy having a ‘real’ camera… and I do…. It’s small enough so I should carry it with me more often… Because everywhere I look these days the scenery begs for a picture! Was it always so beautiful before I became a photographer wanna be?

      • I would suggest a micro-four-thirds mirrorless camera, with a nice small zoom. The bigger sensor would be rewarding, the size manageable, and the cost acceptable. It would give you every option to develop your photography, but also allow fully automatic options, if you preferred. I would be happy to suggest some, if you ever choose to go down that route. The results would undoubtedly be more rewarding than a compact, or phone camera, and they are small enough to carry at (almost) all times.
        Regards, Pete.

      • thanks Pete.. I got my new camera last summer (Sony Cybershot) and it takes much better pictures than my phone. I try to shoot in manual mode so I am more getting comfortable with it. I have no idea how to use most of the other functions. I do miss having more ‘zoom’ though there may be capability than I haven’t discovered yet. (My phone has more zoom it seems to me even if the clarity isn’t great.) If I get more comfortable with the basics I may move up to something more. What exactly does ‘micro four-thirds mirrorless’ mean? How different is it from what I have in the Sony Cybershot 100 M3? So much I don’t know..

      • If you have the RX100 Mk 3, you have everything in a small portable camera, and an excellent one at that. It is just that the mirrorless camera would give you a decent sized sensor, and it is easier to carry around than an SLR, but not as tiny as the Sony.
        More importantly, it will give you the option of adding reasonably priced lenses, with larger focal ranges that the compact. You could get a telephoto to allow for close-ups, or a very wide angle, for landscapes.
        This link will explain the system, but the cameras in it are out of date now.
        And these are links to some very nice up to date cameras that use it.
        However, they are still much bigger than your Sony, but you could hang on to that, and expand your photographic horizons with something bigger, to take on trips. Then you could add the sort of lenses that suit what you want to shoot. It is an investment, but all hobbies require that.
        Just a thought.
        Best wishes as always, Pete.

      • Thanks so much for your thorough reply Pete… It’s very helpful. I can see myself moving up to this type of camera sometime after I am more comfortable with the basics. 🙂

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