From the desks of little Ben and the Tiger

Allow me to introduce myself to you.  This is little Ben and I am new around here. What a long week I have had in my short life!  Where shall I begin?

First of all I got captured.  Captured!  (“Rescued,” if you prefer.)  I was taken suddenly from the messy house where I was born (a real cat zoo!)  to a place I call the hospital, where I was poked and prodded and fussed over.  Once I was feeling better they moved me to the library with other cats where people came to visit throughout the day.  I was the smallest one in the room so I took to hiding.  I was just getting comfortable when my new people came (Bob and Sue and Grandma) and took me to their house.  Rescued again I guess!  It’s much quieter here in my new home than at the zoo or the hospital or even the library and so far I like it. I haven’t seen my brothers or sisters yet or any other cats for that matter, but I think I smell them.  On the perch. And on the shaggy carpet.  Sometimes I even think I hear them in the night.  Is it a dream?  Or a longing?  I don’t know. For now I am just enjoying the peace and quiet and sitting on grandma’s lap.  As much as I like.  All day long.

Today was a new day and they opened the door for me. I’d been hoping (not demanding) they would.  I got to explore and visit upstairs. Nice!  Now I know for sure there’s another cat here!  I smell him everywhere.  I saw his food bowl.  (Sampled it actually. Pretty good.)  It must have been him I heard in the night!   I am small and different and I can hardly wait to meet him.  I hope he likes me.

~  Little Ben

Tiger here.  Something’s going on that’s for sure.  Everyone’s acting strangely.  I can’t quite put my paw on it yet.  Sue’s being extra nice to me. Bob too.  Attending to my every cry.  Sensitive to my every move.  And I’m dreaming more. Something squeaky and tiny.  Coming from the basement?   I don’t know.  I used to have roaming privileges throughout the house but lately grandma keeps her door closed.  To keep me out?  Highly unusual.  Not that it matters much.  I prefer my kingdom outdoors any day.  Every morning I go outside and play in the sunshine.  Drink from the stream. Watch (okay, chase) the small ones in the bush.  But the days are growing shorter and cooler and soon I will come in earlier at night.  Then what?  Will grandma’s door still be closed?  I hope the mystery is solved by then.  I hope it is something good.  I will keep you posted.

from the Tiger


4 Comments on “From the desks of little Ben and the Tiger

  1. You are both adorable, good-natured fellows, and I will enjoy following your bonding progress, and your new adventures with each other and with your family. ^..^

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