Tiger – from the Jail!

Tiger here.  With a tale about the jail.  And my dramatic escape.  Okay, just kidding. There was no dramatic escape. But there was a rather harrowing experience with the jail box today.  Now that I have settled down I will tell you about it.  It all started out as a rather typical day.  The sun was up and the birds were chirping their little morning songs as they do. I woke up after a few hours of interrupted sleep (bad kitty dreams – I see now they were warnings) and ask Bob to let me out for my morning rounds.

I’m out for maybe an hour or two.   When I return Sue is up and welcomes me back into the house with the usual loving and petting and this is followed by a distribution of fancy feast, gravy style.  So far so good.  After breakfast I’m ready to go back outside (as I do EVERY MORNING) and I ask politely but Sue won’t open the door.  Strange.  So I ask Bob. Nicely.  No action.  I ask again, this time not so nicely.  No dice.

Well being the gentle kitty that I am I follow Sue upstairs thinking maybe she wants a little more quality time with me before I go out again.  But I have a tickling in my whiskers that tells me something isn’t right.  The next thing you know Bob appears out of nowhere and Sue is picking me up (strange as she knows how I hate that) and dropping me into the jail box.  I kid you not!  A genuine gated community for one!  I am not happy one bit and I certainly let them know. Loudly.  And with passion. To no avail.

Uh oh. This can’t be good I think, as I am whisked away in my jail box and soon we are humming along in the car (another strange thing – Sue knows I hate riding in cars).  But she is beside me, apologetic and sweet talking the whole way.  We arrive at the OFFICE. Deja vu. Shudder. I resign myself to my fate.

Inside they put me in a tray to weigh me and I guess I have lost a few ounces.  (Really, who cares?  What is it with humans and weight?)

Then the lady doctor comes in and pokes me and prods me and subjects me to all manner of indignities. But at least she does it with a smile and speaks a dialect of cat I can understand, not at all like the man I remember lifetimes ago. So I endure.  And patiently, I might add. If only so they will let me off early for good behavior.  Which they do. It seems I have passed some sort of test and am released. I climb willingly back into my jail box (it looks a lot more inviting now) and before long we are back home again.  Ah, the sweet smell of home!

What was that all about?  You gotta wonder. I guess I will never understand humans. Sue felt so bad about the whole affair that she gave me a new toy full of fresh catnip. I decide to forgive and forget.  I think the catnip may have something to do with that  as I’m actually feeling pretty good right now.  All’s well that ends well!

~ Tiger

22 Comments on “Tiger – from the Jail!

  1. Love it! It never ceases to amaze me how you can put all the details and comments in to make me feel like I’m right there watching it all happen! I just love to read everything you post!!! I wrote a comment on another piece and when I went to post it, it somehow disappeared. So hoping this one makes it! 🙂

    • Oh thank you Sue once again for reading and taking the time to comment! This trip to the vet happened yesterday and it was fun to let Tiger tell the story! 🙂

  2. Tiger, Effie wants you to know that you encouraged her with your tigerily applomb, and is very glad all is well with you. Her exam and car adventure are coming up this month too.

  3. A little catnip helps with life’s trauma. Thanks for the update.

  4. Tiger, I don’t like that OFFICE much either. At least I don’t have to go there in a jail box, and I do enjoy a car ride too. It’s all over now at least. (Until next time…)
    Best wishes from Ollie. (Woof)

  5. Hey, Sue,

    I remember this post from three years ago and I love it all over again! Effie and Paladin are very brave with the vet, whether it’s shots or tummy and ears exam. Halvor, too, loves our vet. We have a very wonderful vet, which helps, very much!

    • Thanks so much Lauren! It’s so good to hear from you! The hardest part for me is getting them into the carrier. It’s probably harder for me than it is for them!! I’m happy to hear Effie and Paladin and Halvor are doing well. 😊🐱🐱

      • Well, actually Effie and Palidan had a bit of a tiff this morning. I was not party to the cause of the tiffing, but I soon observed that it was a friendly backscratching on his part. She didn’t much care for it.

      • Ah yes, we have similar happenings at our place though less and less of it as Tiger and Benji have learned to get along as brothers; but even brothers still fight now and then! 😉

      • Thank you, Susanne, for including our handsome Halvor, our genius ginger tabby who is our shop cat. He supervises my husband’s project, the building of an airplane. Halvor apears to read the plans with great diligence.

  6. Effie and Paladin don’t have that advantage. Paladin was a feral cat who visited us for meals we left him on the patio. We decided to have him neutered, vaccinated, and have him indoors as well as Effieland. Our relationship and Effie’s with Paladin have been predominantly healthy, though the two do tiff now and again.

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