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A Camper, Submarines, and Poulsbo

One of the nice things about shopping for a camper is that it takes you to places you might not otherwise go. Take yesterday for instance. We’d found a trailer for sale in Seabeck and wanted to take a look. Located on Hood Canal,… Continue Reading “A Camper, Submarines, and Poulsbo”

Discovering Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay brings to mind the US Open Golf Tournament – at least to us locally – which was played there in 2015.  I’m not much of a golfer but my husband is so we watched the TV coverage of the event.  I remember… Continue Reading “Discovering Chambers Bay”

Rainy Days and Bridges

If you had reason to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge on a dreary, rainy Monday as we did today, this would be your view. I decided to make it into something more sunny and cheerful. Fortunately these bridges didn’t let us down despite the… Continue Reading “Rainy Days and Bridges”

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