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The Handyman

“Do you have a white cat?” he asked.  “There’s a dead cat in the backyard.” He spoke straight and with a heavy Russian accent.  Our neighbor and handyman had been working for hours in the rain carrying off sludgy pine needles from our roof and…

Ten Random Words I Like

Harmony – Different musical notes played or sung together at the same time with a pleasing sound or result.  Also used metaphorically to describe how different things or persons blend or go well together. Living peaceably, or in harmony.  I like harmony.  Both kinds. Timbre – No, not timber. …

Some words I don’t use

LOL.  No, don’t use it.  I envy people who do. So convenient and concise. But it’s not for me. I tried it once and felt like an imposter. Haha, no problem.  Heehee, occasionally.  LOL? Lol?  Never. There must be some deep seated emotional reason…

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