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The Handyman

“Do you have a white cat?” he asked.  “There’s a dead cat in the backyard.” He spoke straight and with a heavy Russian accent.  Our neighbor and handyman had been working for hours in the rain carrying off sludgy pine needles from our roof and… Continue Reading “The Handyman”

Ten Random Words I Like

Harmony – Different musical notes played or sung together at the same time with a pleasing sound or result.  Also used metaphorically to describe how different things or persons blend or go well together. Living peaceably, or in harmony.  I like harmony.  Both kinds. Timbre – No, not timber. … Continue Reading “Ten Random Words I Like”

Some words I don’t use

LOL.  No, don’t use it.  I envy people who do. So convenient and concise. But it’s not for me. I tried it once and felt like an imposter. Haha, no problem.  Heehee, occasionally.  LOL? Lol?  Never. There must be some deep seated emotional reason… Continue Reading “Some words I don’t use”

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