A Road Trip to Wenatchee with a Peek at the Peaks and Wildlife

There were two days of promised good weather, so we took advantage and headed to Wenatchee for the night. We took our favorite route over the Cascades on Highway 2, and it wasn’t long before we got a ‘peek’ at the craggy ‘peak’ of Mt. Index ahead of us.

Always striking, it reminds me of a fictional Disney Mountain where mysterious creatures live.

like this Sasquatch.

We reached the summit at Stevens Pass where I got a ‘peek’ at some tiny skiers, reminding me it’s still winter in the mountains!

On the other side the snow disappeared and we settled into our lodging on the Columbia River. The next morning, we woke to walk the trail where all was peaceful and full of winter color turning to spring.

I stopped to visit with the ducks on the beach

before returning to the trail where something caught my eye in the trees.

Too big for a cat and the fur wasn’t right. I was puzzled, what could it be? A wolf? I doubt they climb trees, but many large branches hung low over the river bank. I learned through some googling there are gray wolves in the area. More likely it’s a coyote but I reported it just in case.

On our way home we got another ‘peek’ at a ‘peak’, Mt. Stuart, from the famous hiker’s paradise known as the Enchantments.

I got the best photos of Mt. Stuart while parked at the Pinnacles, another set of jagged ‘peaks,’ good for climbing.

Sharing with Sunday Stills Challenge.

~ Susanne

22 Comments on “A Road Trip to Wenatchee with a Peek at the Peaks and Wildlife

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  2. Wow, those mountains are so very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Susanne. ❤️☺️

  3. Washington is just amazing, isn’t it Susanne? What a great peek at those peaks! This was about the same time last year that we drove through Wenatchee on the way to Leavenworth. Stunning views, thanks for the tour!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! We stopped in Leavenworth for lunch, before ending up in Wenatchee for the night! I never get tired of visiting! 🙂

  4. My parents lived in Chehalis for forty years and we spent a lot of time in the beautiful Northwest. These photos make me miss the beauty of that area especially in the spring. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing Susanne. Hugs, C

    • So glad to remind you of special memories from the Northwest! It’s feeling a bit like winter lately but still beautiful! 😊

  5. Great photos Susanne. I drove Highway 2 many times on my way to cross country ski at Winthrop. It’s a great drive, though I confess my favorite is the North Cascades Highway, which is generally closed in the winter.

  6. Wonderful mountain peaks, absolutely stunning! I envy you those landscapes on your doorstep! I wonder what the grey fur could have been?

    • Thanks so much, Sarah. 😊 We are surrounded by mountains on all sides, so I sometimes forget how unique that is! As far as the creature, I sent my pictures to a wildlife agency and hope I’ll hear something back.

  7. That is an impressive mountain indeed, Susanne. The model of the Sasquatch looks like the character from the TV show ‘Bigfoot and The Hendersons’.
    As for the Wolf/Coyote, why do you have to report it? Are they considered dangerous to people there?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Hi Pete, Mt. Index is very impressive and looms above the highway as you approach. Harry and the Hendersons was filmed in the Seattle area, including at this location from what I understand. As far as the creature in the tree, I was just curious for help in identifying it. When I learned there were confirmed wolf packs in the area, I went ahead and reported it just in case, as they like to know where they’ve been spotted. The more I thought about it, I suspect it was a coyote or fox, though I wouldn’t expect to see one in a tree. Or maybe a raccoon?

  8. absolutely wonderful!! do need to know what animal that is!! too big for a racoon?? great pictures all..thank you!!!

    • Hi mom, thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the pictures. My original thought was a wolf, but then I don’t expect to see them in trees! I’m hoping to hear back from the wildlife agency where I reported it! I’m interested in what they think! 🙂

  9. Beautiful choices…I wonder…maybe a raccoon? We have friends who have hiked the enchantments. catching up with Terri’s Sunday stills posts from last week…going through the comments since she can’t share everyones links.

    • Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 My husband thought it might be a raccoon. I guess I’ll never know for sure. He also hiked backpacked to the Enchantments many years ago and loved it, though the hike there was pretty grueling.

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