Looking for Red! A Winter Walk at Coulon Park

It’s been awhile since I went for a walk just for the pure pleasure of it while carrying my camera. So today while the coast was clear I snuck out to Coulon Park looking for red.

All was blue and white over the lake, but I knew there was red to be found.

In the construction crane – the walkway and piers are undergoing renovation.

In the red dogwood lining the banks of the lake.

But mostly in the Coulon Walkers – Phillip Levine’s Interface Statues –

who always dress up for the holidays.

Sharing with Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “Looking for Red! A Winter Walk at Coulon Park

  1. I’d forgotten about the park where they dress up the Coulon Walkers, Susanne! How much fun is that to see? I really love that monochrome red dogwood image! This gives me a great idea for Wordless Wednesday, so thanks 🙂

    • I knew they’d be dressed up for the holidays so it was a perfect place to find red. Good thing I went yesterday as the weather today is taking a turn for the worst! And so happy to inspire you, as you often inspire me! 🤩

  2. LOVE these. Everyone needs a bit of red to stave off the relentless gray. And those statutes…Well dressed and steppin’ out! BTW in your rambles, somewhere along the west coast is a very old boathouse at the end of a very old pier in a very old community. Its scarlet now faded to a soft cinnabar. Supposedly often photographed however…no one I’ve asked knows exactly where it is and mister google’s image match isn’t sayin’. So if you find that very old boathouse, you know what to do!

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