Saturday Caturday Playtime with Benji

I always feel bad leaving the cats behind when we travel and try to make up for it when we get back.

This time we returned to snow and that didn’t sit well with them – too cold and smooshy to go out, at least for any length of time.

“Why, Sue? Why did you bring snow with you?”

“Sorry about that Benji. How about some indoor playtime? I’ll get the tape.”

“The tape! I love the tape!”

“Wow, Benji. You’re so fast! I can hardly keep up with you. How about one more game? You pick this time!”

“Hide and Seek, Sue!!”

“Okay Benji, I’m counting to ten! You go hide.”

“Ready, Sue!”

“I’m looking everywhere Benji, but I can’t find you.”

“Here I am, Sue! In the tub!”

“Indeed you are, Benji!”

~ Happy Caturday from Susanne & Benji

10 Comments on “Saturday Caturday Playtime with Benji

  1. Ollie used to love playing with a long ribbon when he was small, but he was no good at hide and seek. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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