My Beautiful Anna’s Hummingbirds

I’m still on DC time so I woke up early thinking of the hummingbirds. I went out in my robe and boots to bring in the frozen feeders, returning them outside an hour later. The hummingbirds came immediately and rewarded me by posing.

I love my Anna’s Hummingbirds!

#Vivid for Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

21 Comments on “My Beautiful Anna’s Hummingbirds

    • Oh thank you so much! This morning after I replaced the feeders I hid in the shed nearby and took tons of pictures! I think they knew I was in there but obliged me anyway! 🙂

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  2. Wowzers, Susanne!! Oh my, they are stunning and obviously very appreciative of the food you put out! Mine used to pose and watch me as I contorted to take pics! Vivid hummers–amazing!

  3. My favorite species of hummingbird. We get a lot in our yard, but I’ve never gotten one picture as good as these.

  4. Gorgeous detail in those photos, you can almost feel how soft those gray front feathers would be. Also, I think your hummingbirds love you back – maybe more for their photo ops than for the feeder. Truly, they are posing for you and urging you with the question “did you get that magenta feathering?” I’ve been reading “The Bird Way” and apparently one researcher found that Anna’s Hummingbirds actually engage in actual bird play! So perhaps they are engaging with you in “bird play”!

    • I love them and I think they love me back! I was hiding in the nearby garden shed with the door open when I took these pictures. Before feeding they came over to say ‘hello, I see you there!’

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