Bogged Down in Squares at Shadow Lake Bog

Not too far from our home in Renton is an ancient bog, surrounded by forest, carpeted with moss and decorated with magic mushrooms. The trail and boardwalk through the bog is short but marvelous so I thought it would be perfect for this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge.

The famous Shadow Lake Bog is the jewel of the Nature Preserve. This 8,000 – 10,000-year-old, peat-moss bog is a remnant of the Puget Lobe Glacier, which once covered the majority of Western Washington. SHADOW Lake Bog is the only spaghnum-hemlock peat bog under protection in Washington state. The bog’s unique soil and water qualities allow plants found nowhere else in Washington to grow.”

Shadow Lake Preserve

And did you notice? All of my pictures are squares! So I’m also sharing with Becky’s #WalkingSquares.

~ Susanne

33 Comments on “Bogged Down in Squares at Shadow Lake Bog

  1. Look at all that green! Looks just like the Olympic National Rainforest. I think there is some kind of bog here in Yakima, but we went looking for it shortly after we moved here and never could find it. Maybe it dried up.

  2. Love it when I see the beauty in a walk. I follow you and one other. This spot is just gorgeous. Love that they made a track for you to walk on too. So green and lush. I can feel the silence.

    • Thanks, Pete. It’s a special area and I sometimes forget it’s nearby. Though short, the path through the woods is wonderful, and the ‘boardwalk’ keeps you from slipping, protecting both you and the bog!

  3. This is a place where fairies and other tiny fantasy creatures live; I’m sure of it! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic place.

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