Tipsoo Lake and Little Naches River

One day last week we were looking to get out of the house and chose Tipsoo Lake, where we had views of Mt. Rainier and no crowds.

After an easy walk around the lake, surrounded by abundant wildflowers,

we continued on over Chinook Pass so Bob could do some flyfishing. He remembered a turnoff we’d taken last time along the Little Naches River, a deserted stretch of road with beautiful cliffs on one side, and the river on the other.

He found a good spot to access the river and caught four trout just for the fun of it – he’s a catch and release guy.

Afterwards we headed up the road for dinner at Whistlin’ Jack Lodge and Restaurant. We’d passed by many times before without stopping, usually eating at Gold Creek further on. But Gold Creek was closed so we finally gave Whistlin’ Jack’s a try. It had surprisingly good food! It would be a fun place to stay too, since the lodging is next to the Naches River. Maybe next time!

After dinner we headed back up the pass and stopped at the overlook. We had a bird’s eye view of the expansive wilderness of the Wenatchee National Forest – the William O Douglas and Norse Peak wilderness areas to be precise.

“The Cascade Mountains were created by uplifting and volcanic activity along a north-south axis. Formed during the Pleistocene Ice Age approximately 2 million years ago, alpine glaciers flowed from the mountain range into the lowlands. As these glaciers retreated they left U-shaped valleys divided by sharp ridges.

The view from the overlook into the Rainier fork of the American River illustrate this type of glacial formation.”

Soon after we were back at Tipsoo Lake,

and discovered another hidden lake tucked away across the road.

Endless beauty in the Evergreen State, no?

And that’s all for now.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “Tipsoo Lake and Little Naches River

    • Yes, we realize that more and more! We loved Whistlin’ Jack’s and will likely go back and spend a night or 2 there. Since we don’t go camping anymore, this looks like the next best thing. 🙂

  1. What a wonderful trip, Susanne! I have so many great childhood memories camping on the Naches River when I was growing up. I enjoy all your and Bob’s adventures so much!!

    • Thanks so much, Lola! That’s so cool that you camped in the area! I think our camping days are probably behind us, so I was happy to find Whistlin’ Jack as a place to stay in the future!

      And I’m also enjoying your amazing adventures too! 😍

  2. What a perfect day out! Tipsoo Lake and surroundings look beautiful and Whistling Jack’s looks like just the sort of place we love to stay on a road trip 😀

    • Thanks, Sarah! It really was a perfect day trip. And Whistlin’ Jack’s was a fun stop and pleasant surprise! Next time we’ll make the trip an overnighter and stay on the river.

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