A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – At Mt. Rainier National Park

Yesterday we headed south to one of our favorite local attractions – Mt. Rainier National Park. It was perfect hiking weather as we started our adventure at Longmire on the Trail of the Shadows.

Afterwards we took the scenic road to Paradise, stopping at the many overlooks and waterfalls.

Christine Falls was first,

but Narada Falls was the best, from Paradise River, cascading and fanning out over the rocks below.

We’ve seen Narada many times from above but rarely from below; the short trail to the bottom is often under snow.

It was still a little bit muddy yesterday but passable. I’m SO glad we went down to feel the spray on our face and the rainbow in the mist! No wonder this one’s a favorite of visitors!

Of course, the main attraction in the park is the mountain and there are views of Mt. Rainier around every corner. That’s by design.

According to the National Park Service, the road to Paradise was planned as a “pleasure road” for park visitors, taking advantage of the glorious views and providing access to some of the most spectacular glaciers and waterfalls.”

We arrived at the Paradise Visitor Center at the base of the mountain and enjoyed a short movie and a snack.

We left the playing in the snow to others.

Then we continued to possibly my favorite view of the mountain at Reflection Lakes, which was covered in ice and snow but still managed to do a bit of reflecting.

On our return to Longmire, we passed by a mountain lake

and saw a cute marmot by the side of the road.

What more do you want? It was a perfect day. 🙂

~ Susanne

26 Comments on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – At Mt. Rainier National Park

  1. What a great day you two had! So much natural beauty up there, thanks for the tour!

  2. Vicariously enjoyed this tour! We’ve talked of planning to drive up from Portland. Nice to know about Narada Falls, one we haven’t seen.

  3. We went on a vacation in late May one year to Mt. Rainier and most of the roads were still closed due to snow! It was still beautiful but we couldn’t really hike anywhere… We were told that the season was short and that July and August were our best bets to be able to visit. Your photos are wonderful and the falls are stunning!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, May is still a bit early to visit and be able to do much. Hope you’re able to come back again! The hiking trails with wildflowers in bloom at Paradise in the summer are spectacular!

  4. Strange to see snow in July, but the reflections are lovely, as are the waterfalls. You are lucky to have that so close, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete! We love being able to visit wherever we want. We hope to go back later this summer when more of the snow is gone in the high country and wildflowers are in bloom. It’s spectacular!

  5. As I think I’ve told you previously, I loved Mount Rainier and Paradise in particular. I’m amazed to see so much snow there still in July. We were there around the middle of the month and there was some but nothing like this much!

    • We had a particularly cold and rainy spring, so we still have above-average snowpack this year in the mountains. Summer has finally arrived so the snow will continue to melt, and higher elevation trails will start to open snow-free.

  6. I am always blown away by your photography! Love the squirrel and the marmot, but also the amazing views from the trail! It was fun to see a cute pic of you and Bob, too! 😀

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