Summertime in the Garden

Finally! The summer solstice arrived this week bringing sunshine and the hottest days of the year to the sun-starved, rain-drenched Northwest. It was a busy day in the garden, but not for me, I just sat and took it all in – the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees.

Benji joined me on my lap,

when he wasn’t otherwise occupied.

Sharing with Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

23 Comments on “Summertime in the Garden

  1. Did you ever play the old game of things you see while riding in the car – and seeing a cat in the window would count ten?

    • Yes, we played all kinds of games while traveling in the car! But we never got bonus points for a cat in the window! Sounds fair to me! 🙂 🙂

  2. Your garden looks inviting and wonderful Susanne! Are those purple flowers Vetch? We have something similar growing in our dirt, too. Your hummers sure look happy and so does Benji!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! It was finally warm enough just to sit outside and linger! The one with the bee inside is catmint, that Benji is also munching in a later picture. The deep purple is a variety of lavender. The pale blue flower is new to me this year, borage, an herb. 🙂

      • No noxious weeds included in this post. 😄 Most of my flowers live contained in my raised garden beds. Not to say there aren’t some weeds here and there in my yard, though not sure if they’re considered noxious!

    • Thank you! Actually, Benji doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the hummingbirds. But all the ground level birds are at risk, and so I have to keep my eye on him!

  3. Was Benji a feral cat at one time? We always take stray cats to the humane society to be spayed and were not pleased when they came back disfigured. I understand the idea behind it but maybe a microchip would accomplish the same thing.

    • We got him at Seattle Humane when he was about 6 months old, his ear freshly cropped; he’d only been there a couple days. They told us he came from a crazy cat ladies house where there were 40 cats. Not sure about the story, but I never thought Seattle Humane would crop the ear. I’d always assumed it was done before he was dropped off. They certainly overdid it! Regardless, he’s the sweetest cat with the biggest personality we’ve ever had.

  4. Absolutely stunning photos Susanne. Love the way you captured the hummingbirds! Your sweet cat is absolutely precious. Thanks for allowing us to linger with you in the garden. Hugs, C

  5. Thank goodness the warm weather has finally arrived! As I write this I am sitting outside under our shade tree, listening to the birds chirp. Ahhh, summer!! Great hummer pictures, I am still seeing one or two sporadically.

    • Summer certainly arrived with a vengeance! We’re in the nineties here for a couple days, then will drop down to something more reasonable. 🌞

      • Yep. Supposed to be 99 here tomorrow. I dread those triple digits that will be here soon!

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