Outdoor Decor in the Garden

I thought I might miss another Sunday Stills photo challenge for lack of material until Terri suggested my garden. I hadn’t really thought of my garden as having any ‘outdoor decor’ but as I considered further I saw it really does, starting with the garden shed.

When we moved into our house over ten years ago one of the first things we did was add the shed. A carpenter friend of ours built it and it’s solid as a rock; my husband painted it and keeps it tastefully decorated.

Not only does it provide storage for garden tools and supplies, it also provides privacy from the neighbors in back (we need that since the woods were razed behind us.) And it’s become a place for Bob to mount the birdhouses he builds and exhibit his latest finds. I took the soggy wet pictures today – after a week of heavy rain from the Pineapple Express.

You’ll notice artifacts everywhere including a wooden man sitting against the shed, and an old bike under the tree.

I had my doubts when I first discovered the bicycle but since then I have grown to appreciate Bob’s genius in putting it there as it has become a focal point all year round.

One final thing I love about the shed is its proximity to the hummingbird feeders. I sometimes hide in it with the door slightly open to stalk – I mean photograph – the hummers as I did today. This beauty did a flyby after he was done feeding to let me know he saw me hiding, but was thankful nonetheless for the fresh sugar water.

Sharing with Sunday Stills who inspired this post on Outdoor Decor.

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Outdoor Decor in the Garden

  1. Wow, I knew you had a fabulous backyard, Susanne! That shed is gorgeous and a great source of inspiration and for displaying you and your hubby’s decor. My she-shed is still in progress! I love your babbling brook (more water from all the rain?) and the hummer! That image alone looks like backyard decor!

    • Thanks so much for inspiring me to take another look! The shed is truly a focal point of our backyard. I appreciate my husband’s genius in decorating it, and building the stream, too! And the hummingbirds are always welcome! πŸ™‚

  2. Our shed is far less attractive, and crammed with stuff that we store out there. As well as that, it houses a spare fridge, and a freezer too. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It meets your needs, that’s what’s important.
      Our shed has become a focal point in our backyard and made for a secluded spot to sit near the stream. But inside it’s pretty basic, performing the functions for which we intended.

  3. Great pics of a cool backyard. The bike is a great touch. The focal point of our backyard is a small cart with two wheels twenty feet in circumference, that we built at the Guthrie Theater for the production of Mother Courage.

  4. I am amused that you didn’t think of your yard as sporting decor. I love the “odd”(depending on your point of view) touches outside your home and definitely think of them as decor.

  5. I love your back yard too, especially the shed and the stream. But I also like the bicycle. We have my dad’s bicycle from when he was a paper boy in the 1940s. I suggested using it for an outdoor decoration but I don’t think my siblings were in favor!

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