Introducing little Ben – the Tiger Cub

Wow! Five years ago we brought Benji home from Seattle Humane to be a companion for Tiger. It was a perfect choice! Benji is still a livewire – scrappy, energetic and loads of fun – while the mellow Tiger has managed to hold his own. Here’s the story from 5 years ago in case you missed it back then. πŸ™‚

21 Comments on “Introducing little Ben – the Tiger Cub

  1. What a bright-eyed little guy Benji was, and still is! Tiger looks so peaceful and unsuspecting . . .

    • Yes, Benji was bright-eyed and full of life, ready to take on the world! Tiger was definitely unsuspecting, and still is to some degree! They’ve come a long way together and I love them both! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Great choice! I usually have multiple cats, but they never, ever sleep together. I’ve seen Gracie snuggling with our dog River, but never with another cat! So you chose well. β™₯️

  3. I clicked through to read your original post but I thought I’d leave my comment here. Benji looks so cute as a little one, and it’s lovely how he and Tiger have settled down together πŸ™‚

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