The Dahlia and the Hummer

I’ve been watching a new dahlia in my garden open up this week.

It’s still not fully open –

but this little hummer didn’t seem to mind.

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~ Susanne

28 Comments on “The Dahlia and the Hummer

  1. What amazing images you’ve captured! I love dahlias and this one is stunning, but how lovely and sweet to see that the hummer was drawn to it as well. Hummers are among my favorites. For three years, we had a hummer who nested under the roof of our front porch. I miss her now. I’m trusting she found a better place.

    • Thank you so much! How wonderful to have a nesting hummingbird! I have them in my garden everyday but have never discovered a nest.

      I planted this dahlia this year so am seeing it open for the first time. I was thrilled to see the hummer visiting today. 😊

  2. That’s a clever little bird. He/she knows there is still goodness to be had, even when the flower isn’t fully open. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, they are clever little birds and so fun to watch. I was happy to see it feeding from the newly opened dahlia. 😊

    • Thank you so much! I feel lucky that the little hummer decided to drop by just as I was coming to photograph the flower! 😊

    • Thanks Terri! It’s a new one in my garden this year so I’m seeing it myself for the first time. I’d been watching it open the last few days and was thrilled to see the hummer visiting today. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos as always…my Hummingbirds have been punishing me for not seeing their feeder was empty – apparently the gardener knocked it off and put it back up empty…two days of stubbornly ignoring my fresh juice before begrudgingly coming back…I’ll never let that happen again!

    • Who knew they held a grudge? Smart little birds! I’m pretty sure they’re grateful to have the feeder up and running again! 😊

  4. Last week I was lucky enough to cat-sit for my neighbor, which meant I could pretend for a whole week that I had a cat again! (This cat is 17 and what they used to call a “Russian Blue” — and I think Benji would be totally charmed by her.) Included in my daily visit was watering the garden and lawn in truly sweltering 100 degree high humidity heat. But that heat didn’t seem to faze the hummers who one by one visited the feeder as I was making the watering rounds. I loved watching these amazing guys and learned to listen for the telltale “hum” that they had arrived. Still haven’t been able to photograph one but your hummingbird photos continue to be my inspiration to keep trying!

    • Sounds like a wonderful week of cats and birds!. I’ve heard of the Russian Blue breed, big and beautiful if I remember correctly! I often see they hummingbirds at my feeders but it’s always special to see them at a flower. 😊

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