Saturday Dreaming

I just got my second Moderna shot. Should be time for a cruise, right? 🙂

– Susanne

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  1. I had my two vaccines some time ago because I am an NHS worker. I am longing for only one thing – to see my family. I saw them once – last August when we were allowed because our numbers had dropped. But by the time June comes….it will mean I have seen a handful of my 200 member family once in eighteen months – it is the strangest situation to be in. I am just so glad that every member of my family has been safe and well throughout this time. And it turns out they are absolutely hilarious when equipped with zoom – the golden oldies rock online parties!!!

    • I do hope we’re at the beginning of the end.. The inability to meet face to face with family and friends has certainly been the most difficult part of the pandemic. Restrictions eased in the last month where I am so I’ve been fortunate to be able to see family members again. Thanks so much for your comment. 😊

  2. Julie and I have had both doses too, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near a cruise ship even if the trip was free.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I was just dreaming Pete. 😊 I’m not even ready to fly yet. But I do look forward to a more normal world and hopefully another cruise, maybe next.year.

      • I was being a bit facetious. ‘Now that I’m vaccinated the world is open to me right?” 😁 Nope. We’re still a long way from normal unfortunately. But hopefully we’re nearing the beginning of the end. 😊

  3. How ya feeling, Susanne? Some say Pfizer has bigger reactions. I get jab#2 Moderna, next Saturday. Planning to lay low over the weekend, but I feel since I had a mild case of covid, I won’t react as badly. One can only hope! Due to our move, we are staying close to home with all of WA state to explore. Not thrilled to hop on a plane anytime soon either.

    • Thanks for asking Terri! 😍
      My mom and husband both had Pfizer, with little reaction from either shot.. I feel Moderna #2 today more than the first one mainly near the injection site.. Resting. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow. 😊

  4. Glad to hear you’ve had the second shot. Me too – I had my second Moderna one last weekend 🙂 My husband gets his second in early May (Astra Zeneca for him) and then I think we’ll start to relax more, although it will still be UK-only travel for a while. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a possible long-haul trip next February but who knows how things will be by then! Hope you get to go on your cruise some time in the not too distant future!

    • Agh, that should read Pfizer – we’ve only just started using Moderna here so no way would I be on that!!

      • My mom and husband both got Pfizer and had no adverse reaction. I’m happy to have gotten my second shot of Moderna and I’m feeling pretty good today! I think most of our travels this year will be road trips, but hope there will be another cruise in the next year or two. 😊

  5. Yes, in a safe way, it’s time to explore the world again and help support those businesses!

    • Yes, it’s encouraging that we moving in the right direction. I’m hoping for a cruise next year. We shall see! 🙂

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