Rainy Day Workout with Benji

We are having another record breaking rainy start to the year in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t mean to complain as the rest of the country has been hammered with snow. Still, the rain is dreary and keeps us all pent up in the house. One member of the household can be particularly troublesome under these circumstances – you know the one.

Benji and I hangout out in the office every morning, a place that is boobytrapped with all manner of temptations, especially the cords that dangle everywhere. It’s too much for him to refrain from grabbing, chewing and wrapping himself up in them and I get tired of yelling at him to stop – BENJI NO!

But I’ve finally found the best way to deal with it and it is by way of distraction – enter the measuring tape.

Obviously he’s the one getting the workout – unless flinging the tape with one hand while juggling the camera in the other counts as a workout.

Hmmm, maybe it does!

~ From the office of Susanne and Benji

14 Comments on “Rainy Day Workout with Benji

  1. Ribbon is good too, or a feather duster. Especially the feather duster. Memories from when I had a cat in the late 1970s. (She was called Lucia.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes! Anything dangly or long like string that he can chase. I hadn’t thought of the feather duster. I’ll have to try it! Mostly I think he just wants someone to play with him!

  2. Glad you found a way to keep him happy. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s so good to play with a cat, they need that stimulation and exercise. πŸ₯°πŸ˜»

  4. Or when they’re stuck inside in any weather! Foster has perfected the art of getting my attention by doing stuff he’s not supposed to. Usually the solution involves redirection to other activities. Measuring tapes are a good distraction. 😊

  5. Predator playtime paired with cat yoga! Those POSES! Pardon the continuing alliteration but you truly have a photogenic feline.

    • Thanks! He’s very agile and LOVES anything long and dangly. He doesn’t mind the camera, I just have to be careful with its dangling straps or he’ll attack them too! 😻

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