Tiger the (teenage) Senior Cat

A reblog from 2017.  Though Tiger’s going on 13 now not much has changed.  He’s still young at heart!   🙂

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This is Tiger and as you know I am the senior cat in residence.

I shall turn 9 this spring in human years (not to be confused with the 9 lives of which I am on # 3) which makes me eligible for cat discounts. The point is, I’m starting to realize I am no longer young and this is increasingly apparent as I watch the junior cat on the premises, aka, Benji.  I can’t fail to notice how fast he is, how instantly he appears by my side when nanoseconds before he was across the yard in the bush.

I have observed his frantic chasing of the squirrels, yea, his tumbling round and round with them, until they escape and scramble up the tree.  (I have never attempted such a feat, though I have been known to give chase.)

The boy is limber to be sure.  I fear my back would break if I attempted to sleep in…

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10 Comments on “Tiger the (teenage) Senior Cat

  1. Ollie is 9 years old on the 12th of this month. They are 2012 ‘veterans’ together. Tiger still knows that Benji is just a ‘boy’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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