A Micro Walk in the Woods

Happy Thanksgiving from the Evergreen State!

~ Susanne

34 Comments on “A Micro Walk in the Woods

  1. That tree fungus is called ‘Horse’s hoof’ here. I did a post on it some years ago. Love the drip of water!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. THANK YOU for these lovely photos, from Sarahkate in western Oregon (Corvallis area). You must have spent many years perfecting your photography skills esp. when the cloudy bright days paired with rainy trees and ferns/mosses are the subjects. Curious if these photos were taken in Lincoln Park in West Seattle? I have fond childhood memories of Lincoln Park and if that off-the-beaten-path wooded trail is still there that truly thrills my heart.

  3. Beautiful. It is so lush and green compared to the high desert where we live in SW Colorado.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving back at the two of you. One of the major differences with your forest and ours is the near total lack of undergrowth. Here it seems very odd to see a nearly bare forest floor having grown up with the lush ferns,moss and lichen of the Northwest.

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