Heavy Sky and Hummingbirds to Cheer

Today the sky is heavy with smoke and the air quality is poor due to the wildfires. So I wondered – should I share pictures of today’s sky? Or last week’s pictures of hummingbirds? I opted for both and hoped the latter would cheer me up.

You may remember I bought a new feeder – the one on the left below.

It took a few days but I’m happy to report…

the hummingbirds approve.

Hoping for rain to douse the fires and wash the sky clean.

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “Heavy Sky and Hummingbirds to Cheer

  1. I live in Seattle and air quality is the worst I have seen and experienced. Even when I lived in Southern California for the first 16 years of my life, the air quality was never this bad down there. I still have friends down in California and its worse down their than it is in Seattle. The air quality sucks.

  2. Our air looks the same here! 😕Everything has a yellowish hue. They’re saying rain is not in the forecast for the Fresno area anytime soon. But we can always pray! I haven’t seen many hummingbirds lately but it’s probably my fault, I took my feeders down to wash them and haven’t put them back up! 😬

  3. This is awful. I pray for rain and relief from these horrble fires and destruction. Here’s hoping you, Benji, Tiger, et al. are safe.

    • Thank you. Yes the air quality has been really bad the past few days. It’s slowly getting better and should improve later today and tomorrow at least in the Seattle area.

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