Tiger’s Bravado

This is Tiger and I may be old but I’m not dead yet.

I watched with interest the last few years as Benji tried to take over my place in the household. I let it go as he’s small and has a chopped ear. My ears are both intact. No bravado, just fact.

But there are limits and at times I must be assertive. Take for instance the boxes Sue put out for us. I refuse to use the tiny one, instead leaving it for Benji to squeeze into.

I’ve found mine and the message is clear.

And the perch that Benji thinks was purchased exclusively for him?

I am finally asserting my right to use it –

whenever I please –

though mostly when it’s unoccupied.

I remain,

~ Tiger

Note from the Editor: I admit I’ve taken some liberty in giving Tiger more bravado than he usually exhibits. I had to laugh when I noticed the advertising slogan on the box he claimed for his own. And I was equally happy when he decided to try out the perch, previously used exclusively by Benji. Fortunately there was been no pushback from his little brother.


12 Comments on “Tiger’s Bravado

    • I think so. I was happy when Tiger finally decided to use the perch and Benji didn’t object. They seem to be figuring it out.

  1. Oh my word! The photo of Benji on the perch is hilarious! Nice to know Tiger has gotten a chance to check it out too. 😊

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