Forest Flowers

Sometimes the loveliest flowers thrive in the unlikeliest places.  They don’t want our care – they prefer to live wild where rivers and forests remain intact.

Yesterday I showed you a Trillium but here is another.   See how easily it grows from the messy forest floor?

The Bleeding Heart grows too without a fuss.  Delicate yet hardy, even the name is lovely.

Last – and possibly least of all – is the humble dandelion – an intruder in our gardens – but lovely next to the trail.

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Forest Flowers

  1. I think that many plants treated as ‘weeds’ are just as attractive as any that we cultivate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Outstanding pictures, Susanne! I like the wildflowers better than the cultivated ones.

  3. I love forest flowers. Bluebells are usually blossoming at this time of the year and so is wild garlic, but it doesn’t look as we gonna be able to see it this year due to the restrictions🙈

  4. Beautiful photographs. I miss the days when my boys would bring me fistfuls of yellow dandelions with which to make a bouquet for a centerpiece on our dining room table.

  5. Your close up photos of flowers are always so amazing! Some of them I had never heard of before. Maybe they don’t grow in Fresno? But, yes we have dandelions too 😊

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