Forty Years Ago

I once had a conversation with my grandpa who told me he’d recently found himself saying “forty years ago… ” and he remembered back when he was younger how some older folks would also say “forty years ago” and wasn’t it curious that he now found himself saying the same thing and I remember him telling me this little tale in his slow grandpa voice about forty years ago…..

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “Forty Years Ago

  1. I am old enough to constantly be saying ‘Fifty years ago’… 🙂
    (Sometimes ‘sixty years ago’.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. ‘m so old I just say back in the day. That way I can tell the story without thinking about how long ago it happened.

    • Seriously! We hardly EVER took pictures when we were growing up. Too expensive and you never knew what you’d get until you developed them a week later!

  3. Yes. I am remembering my grandparents talking about the Spanish flu. How little things change after all.

  4. Forty years ago or so I had the most wonderful room mate named Susanne. Not Sue. Not Susie. Susanne. Now, two of her roommates are furry and the other is Bob. I miss her a lot, but I never miss any of her blog posts!

    • Aw thank you dear Lola for your sweet comment! I treasure those days from our youth! And thank you SO much for following along! I often worry that my email followers are annoyed by the emails flooding their inbox! Glad to hear that’s not the case! Perhaps when we are all free again we will be able to connect in person. 🙂

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