The Changing Color of the Anna’s Hummingbird

I replenished the feeders yesterday so the nectar was fresh and plentiful during this week of snowy weather.

I watched the first hummingbird hover nearby – apparently for a good look at me –  before swooping in dressed in camouflage of green and black.  (Not the best picture but I wanted to show you how he looks incognito.)

And then a flash of color,

and a drink.

Heads up, another glance,  and a color change to brilliant pink – or is it fuchsia?

Time for another drink and he’s mostly green and black again.

Heads down, heads up,

The beautiful Anna’s Hummingbird – I never get tired of watching him.

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “The Changing Color of the Anna’s Hummingbird

    • Thanks Pete. We’re lucky to have them living in our backyard. And I never get tired of watching them. I’m surprised every time they turn pink before my eyes!

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