A Rainy Last Day of Fall, Two Cats and Clam Lights!

After a mostly dry fall in the Pacific NW it seems that all the pent up rain has finally been loosed in a fury making today the rainiest Dec 20th on record, with many more like it to come.  How quickly we forget!

Benji is distraught and asks me why I don’t turn it off so he can go outside.

I have no answer and he finally settles down to sleep the day away.

Tiger makes the same wise decision.

As for me, I decide to brave a walk at Coulon Park where I have the trail to myself.

Except for the ducks who are happy to find water, water everywhere.

Their webbed feet serve them well. I on the other hand find out quickly that my own shoes are not waterproof, nor are the jeans that end up soaked to the knees.

I pass by Ivar’s Clam Lights, a festive holiday display that will light up the evenings – for those who brave the elements.

The clams are still and silent waiting for the evening show;  but I did manage to catch them strutting their stuff a few years ago.

Happy Holidays to you all from the soggy Northwest!  🙂

~ Susanne, Tiger and Benji

9 Comments on “A Rainy Last Day of Fall, Two Cats and Clam Lights!

  1. Wow ! Those clams are better than the California Raisins ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow that’s a lot of rain! I love the clam lights! So creative! And of course it goes without saying that I love Tiger and Benji💖

    • Yes, we had 3.25 inches of rain yesterday the most in over a decade ! I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go for a walk but I have to say I had a good time anyway! 🌧☔ 😊

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