Sewing Fun with Benji

I should have known the boy would get in the way.

I’d bought some kitchen towels at a craft fair for hanging on the stove.  I liked the concept – they wouldn’t fall on the floor like my other ones do.  But the seller had used the cheapest towels possible and after I washed them they looked thin and pathetic.

I can do better I thought to myself so I bought the materials, retrieved the sewing machine from where it was collecting dust and set up my workplace in the dining room  There was only one problem. His name was Benji.

‘Surely that dangling cord is just for me,’ he thought and there was no way to dissuade him.

So when the reprimand didn’t work I distracted the boy with the measuring tape and it soon became his favorite toy.

We played and played but when I stopped he cried – so we played some more;  until I finally returned to my sewing and he came to watch.

Then his eyes got big and I knew it was only a matter of time

before he sprang.

So we played measuring tape again –

until he got tired and went for a nap

and I completed my towels which now hang tight from my stove.

There will be more towels.

And there will be more play with the measuring tape.

We’re both happy.

~ Susanne and Benji

27 Comments on “Sewing Fun with Benji

    • Thank you so much! I hadn’t sewed in a long time so I was happy they turned out okay. And it was great to have such a cute helper to keep me laughing! 🙂

  1. Our tuxedo girl can be napping, and if I begin to sew or knit, she’s right there! I’m sure she thinks she’s helping but you and I know differently! Wouldn’t give anything for those moments of sharing with Maggie.

    • It’s about distracting him until he’s bored; and if worse comes to worst putting him outside. As it was it was fun to watch him with the measuring tape. It’s absolutely his favorite toy now! 🙂

  2. I’m always happy to see someone successful with a craft-like project. I have no ability. If something needs to be sewn in my house, my husband has to do it. He is great with machines! I admire Benji for now giving up!

  3. Foster says playing with the measuring tape is the greatest! He’s glad Benji got the chance to try it out! He would also like to suggest bias tape, rick-rack, and lace as other sources of sewing entertainment. And your kitchen towels turned out adorable! 😀

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