Happy Anniversary to Benji!

Three years ago we brought home the cutest kitty from Seattle Humane and named him Benji. It was the best pick we ever made and to celebrate I thought I’d share a few pictures of him from the last few years.

Here he is the day after we brought him home.  We don’t know his actual birthday but he was probably around 6 months old.

He looks quite alert in the picture below but he actually had a rough start.  He’d recently been neutered, his ragged ear was excessively tipped, and the poor boy came down with an upper respiratory infection shortly after his arrival.

But we loved him and nursed him back to health and it wasn’t long before he ditched the collar and was outside playing, hunting and helping around the garden.

It took him and Tiger a while to figure it out but eventually they did, becoming companions and even brothers.

So happy Anniversary to Benji and a thank you to Tiger for receiving him into the fold.   🙂

~ Susanne, Benji and Tiger

21 Comments on “Happy Anniversary to Benji!

  1. Happy Anniversary and Gotcha! Day to you and Benji! What bright-eyed beauties both your kitties are! (Our Franklin was ear-tipped and we think they overdid it too.)

    • Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂 🙂 We love our boys! The ear tipping is mysterious as it must have happened before he got to Seattle Humane. Much more than a ‘tip’ for sure!

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