Photo Shoot with Tiger in the Garden

“Hey Tiger, how’s it going?”

“Well Sue, to be honest with you. I’ve been feeling left out.”

“Really Tiger? Why’s that?”

“You did a story on the garden the other day –  Benji was in it – but I wasn’t.  It seems like you’re always posting pictures of him –  do you like him better or something?”

“Heavens no Tiger!  He just happened to be around, that’s all. In fact I was thinking it’s time to have a separate post just for you!”

“Really Sue?”

“Yes, really Tiger!  Let’s do a photo shoot!  Just make yourself comfortable in the garden bed.”

“Okay Sue,” he said. “I’m ready.  How’s this?”

“That’s great Tiger!  Love the feet!  Only maybe you could relax just a little.”

“Sure Sue,  just getting warmed up. How about this?”

“Perfect Tiger!  That’s a keeper!  Now I just need a head shot!!”

“Something like this, Sue?”

“So handsome!  You still got it Tiger!”

“And it’s only me in this one, right?”

“Yes Tiger.  This one’s just for you!”

“Thanks Sue. I feel better now.”

~ Susanne and Tiger

16 Comments on “Photo Shoot with Tiger in the Garden

  1. You re lucky to always have such willing ‘models’. Ollie refuses to pose, and I have to ‘ambush’ him, with a zoom lens. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was delighted that you captured the spread toes in that one shot. You can tell he is really putting an effort into the pose.

    • I laughed when I saw his feet gripping a garden stake! 🙂 Tiger’s a sweet, timid boy compared to the other rascally one! I do need to give him more attention.

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