The Ducklings of Clark Lake

Last week we thought we’d walk someplace new and discovered Clark Lake Park a short drive from our house.  Though it’s a small park, what it lacks in size and services it makes up for in tranquility and diversity, with 126 acres of meadows, forest, wetlands and  a freshwater lake.

We took the path to the lake,

and were delighted to find a brood of ducklings, tiny and fearless,  swimming with enthusiasm and the energy of new life.

So suited were they to their environment I found it hard to find them in my pictures as they blended into their island home,

often under mama’s watchful eye.

We watched them as long as we could before starting back through the woods

passing over this stream perfectly reflecting the trees overhead.

Historically Clark Lake and its outfall stream had a population of Salmon (Coho and Chinook) and Bull Trout. Conservation efforts are currently underway to remove invasive species and replant native plants along the stream corridor to restore habitat for salmon and other wildlife.  This park is mostly for them.

But it’s still a lovely place to walk and made better by the ducklings of Clark Lake.

Shared for Jo’s Monday Walk.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “The Ducklings of Clark Lake

  1. I’d walk there any day! Made me think of “Make Way for Ducklings”, although they were in the big city. (I see Elizabeth already mentioned the book, but it’s good enough for two mentions.) Ducklings are just adorable and as you say, blend in so well. They can also swim really, really fast! 🙂


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