Flaming Geyser State Park, A Missing Flame and Steelhead in Training

In the middle of a rainy April we picked the sunniest day for a walk at Flaming Geyser State Park where instead of a flame we found a flowing river, luscious forest and steelhead in  training – who knew there was such a thing?

To get there we took the scenic route from Auburn through the quiet pastures and farmland of the Green River Valley, which eventually led to the bridge into the park.

There we took the trail into the forest alongside the Green River where all was fragrant and lush and mossy green.

We emerged later near the Flaming Geyser for which the park was named – though we were a few years late getting to it.

According to Wikipedia, “The park was named for a flame which burned through a concrete basin, fueled by a methane gas pocket 1,000 feet below the surface. When the pocket was discovered by prospective coal miners in the early 1900s, the test hole hit gas and saltwater, shooting water and flames 25 feet into the air. The same methane pocket seeps gas through a mud hole to create the “Bubbling Geyser” nearby. Both “geysers” can be found along a short hike, though as of 2016 the flaming geyser is no longer lit due to depletion of its methane source.”

But we did get to see summer steelhead sporting about in the conditioning pond which prepares them for release.

Flaming Geyser State Park has over 500 acres including three miles of shoreline.  There were many other trails to explore but we were running out of time and would have to save them for another day.  We headed back to where we started, taking a different route next to marshy wetlands filled with birdsong.

It was still and quiet, but at the same time full of activity. I walked slowly hoping to capture pictures of the frogs and birds but they moved too quickly or managed to stay hidden.

While I lingered Bob went ahead and found a place to sit, then called me over when I caught up with him to look at these.

“Daisies,” he said. “Aren’t they pretty?  Everyone walks by without really noticing them. I think they’re happy when someone stops to appreciate them.”

And so we did.

Shared with Jo’s Monday Walks.

~ Susanne

13 Comments on “Flaming Geyser State Park, A Missing Flame and Steelhead in Training

  1. I can almost smell all that greenery, Susanne. Such lush photos! And it’s nice to know that somebody else appreciates the daisies. 🙂 🙂

    • I never get tired of the wonderful forests of the Pacific Northwest but it was nice to pay attention to those cheerful little daisies too!

    • Thanks Pete. It’s nice to be reminded of the little patches of beauty everywhere, especially those so common they are easily overlooked. 🙂

  2. Did you ever get to watch the salmon go over the fish ladders at one of the big dams on the Columbia? Great shot of the steelhead “working out.”

    • Thanks. 😊 Yes, I’ve been to some of the fish ladders but it’s been a while. These little steelhead seemed to be getting good practice jumping.

      • Here we just had alewife runs. Had never heard of the little fish until here.

  3. There may no longer be a flame, but it looks like such a beautiful area to explore!

    Good work Bob for appreciating the daisies. It’s always so nice to see them pop up in the springtime.

    • Yes it’s a wonderful park! And I thought the daisies added a sweet touch by my observant husband. Thanks for your comment. 😊🌼

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