A Tangle of Life at Nolte

“Blue skies ahead,” my eternally optimistic husband said. “Let’s go out for a walk.”

“Are you sure?” I replied. “It’s pouring down rain.”

Still we made the drive to Black Diamond for lunch and waited for the rain to slow.

When it did we headed to Nolte State Park to walk through the woods around Deep Lake.

The air was fresh and fragrant washed clean by the rain.

The lake was calm and still.


The moss rested wherever it would.

This Doug Fir rested too where it had recently fallen.

Everywhere there was a tangle of life –

messy but beautiful.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “A Tangle of Life at Nolte

    • I wondered if someone would ask that question. 🙂 Yes, on one side of the trail was a fresh, jagged stump. On the other side was the downed tree, along with a few other chunks. We’ve had some major windstorms lately; the state would have taken care of the blowdown, removing the section of the tree that was in the middle of the trail.

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