How Many Toys Does One Kitty Need?

I asked myself this question even as I sought to buy another – to replace Benji’s favorite which had gone missing again.

I took an inventory of existing toys and there were over 20 not including those in hiding.

But none as good as Fishy.

I tried to find a new one but to no avail.Β  I bought look-a-likes but Benji was not impressed and they were added to the collection.

And then.Β  One day. When we had stopped looking we found him.Β  Beneath a closet door.

Oh the joy!

So how many toys does one kitty need?

Only one, really.

As long as it’s Fishy.

~ Susanne and Benji

17 Comments on “How Many Toys Does One Kitty Need?

  1. I get that completely. Ollie has a huge box of toys, but his favourite one is almost always the latest one he was given. At the moment, it is a stuffed version of ‘Grumpy Cat’. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

      • Ollie knows the names of many of his toys, and will fetch a specific toy when asked to do so. He has had some of them for years. We wash them, and recycle them, but he always recognises them. πŸ™‚

      • They’re so smart, aren’t they? Maybe more than we give them credit for. Benji perks up expectantly if I ask him, ‘where’s fishy?’ and then I have to go hunt to find it from its hiding place.

  2. How adorable! When Foster’s small kitty toys go missing they are usually under the dresser or under the guest room door. But Panda is definitely his favorite! And fortunately he’s too big to fit under there! 🐱🐼

  3. They can never have enough:) So cute how they pick one toy that’s their favourite. Mine are like that too. Great photos of Benji playing!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I love watching Benji play with his toys and especially with his favorite little fishy!!😊🐱

  4. My daughter’s dog had a favorite toy which seemed to disappear. Turns out it was just waiting for a thaw to reveal it under some melted snow.

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