Notes on Tolerance from Tiger and Benji

A short story of Benji and Tiger from the early days – and after a certain election – in case you missed it ~ and the lessons still pertain.

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

More nose to nose.  Less rebuke and hissing. More close encounters of the peaceful kind. Less misunderstanding the intentions of the other. No, I’m not talking about the country (though that would be good too.)  I’m talking about Tiger the resident tabby and his new little brother Benji. After almost three months, rejection is giving way to tolerance, and tolerance to acceptance, and acceptance approaching understanding.  Friendship is sure to follow.

Tiger –  Benji is my little brother. I can tell by his chopped ear that he had a rough first life.  I went through hard times too.  I’m learning that his annoying behavior is playful and not malicious.  He’s still young and can’t help himself. I guess I was like that too once.  Sue wants us to get along and so I am trying. Someday I may like him more than I do now.  But I do not hate him.  We share the same house and…

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8 Comments on “Notes on Tolerance from Tiger and Benji

  1. I remember this one. They get on so much better now, which is good of course. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I thought I remembered this one but I didn’t see my name in the original list of “likes” so maybe it was before I started following you guys. So cute, and it’s nice to see how their relationship has evolved 😀

    • Aw thanks so much. This is one of my earlier posts and we hadn’t had Benji with us very long. They’ve come a long way together. 🐱🐱🙂

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