Happy Birthday Sweet Tiger

“Hey Tiger, you handsome boy – how you doing?”

“Oh I don’t know Sue.  I’m feeling kind of blue.”

“Well, I have something to cheer you up!  Do you know what day it is?”

“Tuesday I think,” he replied.

“Yes Tiger.  But even better than that,  it’s your birthday!”

“Really Sue? How old am I?”

“You’re 11 years old, Tiger!  You’re entering your golden years, the best yet!!”

“What are the golden years like, Sue?”

“I don’t know Tiger, I’m not there quite yet. But I think it means you can nap whenever you like.”

“Oh that’s great, I love to nap!”

“And you can read or watch TV whenever you want.”

“I love it Sue!  What else?”

“You don’t have to worry about your weight anymore!!  I mean, you’ve made it this far, right? So have another treat!

“Thanks Sue.  I think I’m going to like the golden years.”

“Happy Birthday Tiger.”

~ Susanne and Tiger

19 Comments on “Happy Birthday Sweet Tiger

  1. Happy Birthday to Tiger. He looks like a cat who knows how to celebrate those golden years. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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