A Walk in the Woods at Shadow Lake Preserve

It’s the middle of November and we have clear blue skies and fresh air in the Great Northwest.  So if you can’t get out where you are, why not come along with me and walk through the woods at the Shadow Lake Nature Preserve?  Just a few minutes south of my home in Renton I was welcomed by this charming sign.

I entered the woods and followed the trail,

which led to the boardwalk through the Shadow Lake Bog.  The 5,000 year old peat-moss bog was the inspiration for the Preserve and is up to 45 feet deep in places under the boardwalk.

I had the trail to myself with the exception of unseen critters – and perhaps fairies? –  who live here.  I heard only birdsong.

The private preserve was formed by local citizens who understood the value of protecting our beautiful woods and wetlands.

For more information visit the link ShadowLakePreserve.

~ Susanne

4 Comments on “A Walk in the Woods at Shadow Lake Preserve

  1. That’s a great spot indeed, Susanne. We are also lucky with the weather at the moment. Fresh and chilly, with sunshine and blue skies! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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