Some words I don’t use

Perusing some of my older posts and found this one. I like words. But words don’t always like me. I still don’t use these. 🙂 Do you have words like that?

9 Comments on “Some words I don’t use

  1. I remember this post, and like you, have never used LOL, Bucket List, or To Die For.
    I was definitely too old when LOL appeared, and too close to the bucket to have a list remaining.
    As for ‘To Die For’, I agree that no confection or savoury is preferable to death. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think you must have written this post before I started following your blog. It’s great, especially for a “language person” (like me) who likes words! I admit that I succumbed to “LOL” awhile back, though like you, I didn’t like it when it first came out and all my middle school students were using it. I guess I started using it when I started texting (which really surprised my students- first it was “You have an iPhone??” And then “You know how to text???”). But I’m with you, I’m not that crazy about it. I never use “to die for” either because I always think, I wouldn’t really die for this…I never knew the origin of Bucket List, but I’ve never liked the way it sounds 😝 and I had never heard about the “toolies”, we always said “out in the boonies” LOL (oops, did I say that?) 😀🐱🐼

    • Heehee! This was one of my earlier posts and I was having some fun with words. ‘Lol’ is so commonly used now I may eventually succumb! In the meantime, there are ’emojis!’ (My how our language has changed!) 😁🐱🙂 I do use, ‘out in the boonies’ but will never forget my encounter with the ‘tulies,’ or shall I say, ‘two leaves?’ Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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