All Ablaze at Seattle Japanese Garden

I can’t remember the last time I visited Seattle Japanese Garden at the Arboretum – maybe never? Β  But what better time than during the annual Maple Festival when the Garden is ablaze with color.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “All Ablaze at Seattle Japanese Garden

  1. It is intriguing to me that in both Seattle and Portland, where Japanese Americans were rounded up, deprived of their belongings and interred, we have the gift of Japanese gardens. They seem to stand in a way as a rebuke of our failures to recognize the beauty of our fellow citizens. I went to high school with many children of the evicted.

    • A sad part of our history. Perhaps the gardens help in the healing process. I heard many different languages spoken while I was there and people of all ages were enjoying the beauty.

  2. Oh, did you just go? I have been meaning to go to the arboretum in the fall FOREVER! Your pictures are lovely!

  3. Beautiful images, Susanne I think Japanese gardens are always very beautiful I was saddened to read the comment on the history… Maybe the garden was built as a symbol of hope? πŸ™‚

    • From what I understand the idea for a Japanese garden goes back to 1909.. It took time for the idea to take hold and planning to begin. Then there was WW2 and related tensions. Construction finally began in the 1950’s and by then I believe the idea of post WW2 friendship gardens also influenced it. I do think of it as a symbol of hope and friendship.

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