Can We Come Too?

‘Hey Benji. What are you doing there?’

‘Waiting for you Sue!’ he replied.

‘On the trailer step?’ I asked.

‘Yes!’ he said. ‘Tiger and I talked it over and we want to go camping with you. I thought this would be the best place to wait so you don’t forget us next time.’

‘That’s right,’ Tiger replied. ‘And I think I’ll just stay in here till we go. I’ve been checking it out and it will work perfectly.’

‘There’s lots of room for all of us,’ continued Benji. ‘I can sleep here in the corner. Tiger can have the floor. You won’t even know we’re here.’

‘Nice of you to give the floor to Tiger, Benji. Anyway we’d love to take you but you wouldn’t enjoy it, trust me. Remember how much you hate riding in cars? This would even be worse!’

‘Please Sue. We really want to come.’

”Sorry Benji. Even if you could handle the ride – which I don’t think you could – what would you do at the campground? I couldn’t let you out or you might get lost. (Or even worse – there are bears out there!)  And you and Tiger would get on each other’s nerves all cooped up in here!’

‘Well you have some valid points,’ he conceded.

‘Good. I’m glad you agree. You’ll be much happier at home. And anyway we’re not leaving again anytime soon. So why don’t you go out and chase some mice?’

~ Susanne, Tiger & Benji

12 Comments on “Can We Come Too?

  1. Does someone come in to look after them when you are away, Susanne? Or do you use a cattery? I am lucky that Ollie can always come on holiday with me. He would never get lost, and we don’t have bears!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Our neighbor comes over and looks after them. But I’d love to take them along if only I could. That’s one thing dogs have over cats! 😀

  2. Fantastic post of conversation with you, Benji and Tiger! I would imagine that they will come back and beg for you to take them with leashes on.. 🙂

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