Wisdom from Cats in the Garden

I wandered in the garden one morning

and found Tiger and Benji apparently at odds.

It was mostly Tiger who needed cheering up.

“Hey Tiger, you handsome boy!  How are you doing?”

“Oh I don’t know Sue.  I don’t feel very handsome.  Did you notice the carcass in the yard?”

“Yes Tiger, I noticed.  A mole.  Great job!”

“It wasn’t me Sue.  Benji caught it. That boy is fast!  You should have seen him out here in the lettuce this morning.  It was brilliant.”

“He knew just when to strike and brought the beast down without a struggle.”

“That’s great Tiger,’ I replied.  “The mole was destroying the garden and needed to go. I’m happy Benji took care of it.  So what’s the problem?”

“Don’t you see Sue?   I  used to be able to do that.  Not anymore.  Let’s face it.  I’m finished.”

“Oh Tiger, you mustn’t think that!  You did your part. It’s time to let the boy do the dirty work.  Who wants to kill moles anyway? They’re not good for eating.”

“You’re right about that Sue. But I just feel so useless sometimes.”

“You’re not useless Tiger!    Your presence alone keeps the varmints away.  Honestly, I love how you wander in the garden and enjoy the moment.”

“You remind me to stop and take time to smell the roses.”

“And the lavender.”

“And the bounty of the garden. Did you notice the raspberries are ripening?”

“And look!  Our first year for thimbleberries!”

“Yes Sue, I noticed.  And how about those strawberries? They really smell good!”

“Indeed they do Tiger!  Youth has its place, but if everyone ran around in a frenzy all the time, hunting and wild-eyed,  how would it be? There’s got to be some mature felines to provide guidance and wisdom to the young.  You’ve got a lot to give.”

“Aw thanks Sue.  I could give Benji a few tips alright.   I don’t really feel like hunting moles anymore,  though I may be up for an occasional vole now and then. Mostly I’d rather be here where I am, in the garden visiting with you.”

“You and I are more alike then you know, Tiger.”

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “Wisdom from Cats in the Garden

  1. Aww, so true! Love this post…almost made me cry. It took me a minute to notice that on the close up of Tiger you caught Benji in the background looking the other way. Awesome photos!

    • Oh thank you so much!! The boys inspire me to write and they were so cute today this story came easily and rings true in me. 🙂

  2. Great shots to tell the story. I reckon Tiger is secretly content to let Benji catch all the wildlife. He has earned his rest. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Our raspberries are just thinking about coming on. They are my favorite fruit in the yard since they are so hard to buy fresh on account of their fragility. Tell the cats hi for me.

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