The Continuing Saga of Benji and the Chair

‘Benji, we need to talk.’

‘Sure Sue.  I’m always available.  Just give me a minute or two to sharpen up my claws.’

‘Actually Benji, that’s what I want to talk to you about.  My chair is not a scratching post.’

‘Really Sue?   How come all the other cats got to use it?  I smell them you know – Shadow – Joey – Henry – Annie.  Even Tiger uses it!’

‘Yes Benji I know about all the cats that came before you.  They got in trouble too.  And I’m working on Tiger.  You both have outside privileges and can use the trees to keep your nails trimmed.  Not to mention the scratching posts in the corner!’

‘Okay, Sue. I appreciate that.  I’ll try not to use it for a scratching post anymore. But what about my teeth?  I’ve got to keep them sharp and free of tartar. Trees would give me splinters.’

‘No Benji,  of course not!   How about using your teeth to catch a few of those varmints outside who are digging up my garden? That’ll keep them sharp.’

‘Gee Sue.  You don’t have to get so touchy about it.  Are we done talking now?’

‘Yes Benji, we’re done.’

‘Thanks Sue.  I’m ready for my nap.  I’ll just use this scratching post.’

‘Do you see any irony in that Benji?’


‘O never mind.’

~ Susanne and Benji

12 Comments on “The Continuing Saga of Benji and the Chair

      • Yep, that is the cat life! We would get annoyed with our cats’ shenanigans, but now that both are gone, we wish we still had our cats’ shenanigans. Cats are cheeky little buggers 😉

  1. A very good reason not to invest in any new furniture, I reckon! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. That’s the way my discussions with our Ultraviolet kitty usually go! LOL and sigh. Benji is so handsome!

  3. Adorable! ❤️❤️And I love the look on his little face when he asks if you are done “talking”!

  4. Did you buy a new chair? Of course your chair is preferable. Our dog prefers the couch to the rug on the floor.

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