Lines, Lines Everywhere!

I headed to the park today on the hottest day of the year with lines on my mind.  Turns out they were everywhere.

Thick as trees in the forest, mostly upright, side by side,  and crossing over.

Lifeless as logs scattered about the beach. More alone than their former selves but just as happy I think.

Finding lines at Seahurst Park for this week’s photo challenge.


~ Susanne

10 Comments on “Lines, Lines Everywhere!

  1. I’m left wondering about how those logs get to the beach. Looks like a lovely day. We had torrential rain, a big thunderstorm, and even hailstones! 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • The forest runs almost all the way down to the beach.. stormy weather and slides deliver the downed trees over time I’m guessing.. Sorry your weather went berserk! We have several days of summery weather and then rain returns. 🙂

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  3. Some nice compositions there – particularly the ones on the beach. With a bit of thought, one can do interesting things with lines, as a friend of mine, who likes lines, demonstrated one day on Facebook. Not something I’ve deliberately set out to do, but you’ve inspired me to have a go one day…

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  5. The years we spent in driftwood at Cannon Beach as kids. There were piles and piles of it in the dry sand and we built forts and castles. I suppose it was dangerous, but we knew enough not to climb on logs that were near the water.

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