Super Moon 2018

The first day of 2018 brought us a Super Moon, when the moon is full and also closest to the earth.  I couldn’t resist standing outside in the cold last night trying to capture its beauty.  Here are some of those attempts.

You never know how unsteady is your hand until you try to photograph the moon without a tripod.  I hope to purchase one soon.

Still, I hope you enjoy!  🙂

~  Susanne

8 Comments on “Super Moon 2018

  1. You did a good job! I like the moon 🙂
    It’s interesting. The first one has an atmosphere that the fourth one, though clearer, lacks. Something to do with the trees – the near tree creating mystery (spookiness, even) and the far ones creating distance. The framing is satifsying, too, with the moon to one side. The third one also has atmosphere – the tree again. However, it loses something, I think, by the moon being placed so exactly in the centre.

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