Patches of Blue

Some days the weather outside matches the weather inside.  Today was cold and dark, with steady rain and gusty winds.  I didn’t feel like it but went out regardless to run some errands.  As I left the last store I noticed the rain had stopped though the wind was chasing the clouds fiercely across the sky.  They raced in glorious shades of white, some like snow, some like wool or pale yellow and gray.  And finally some brilliant, infused with sun, all against increasing blue patches of sky.

I sometimes forget how the clouds only make the sky more beautiful.

~  Susanne

4 Comments on “Patches of Blue

  1. Clouds do enhance the sky, undoubtedly.
    Grey and damp here today, and nothing inspirational about the skies.
    Lights on inside at 10:00 am. 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.

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