Home Again Home Again

Jiggety Jig. From the Cruise, that is. Yes I’m happy to be home again with my feet firmly planted on the ground after our wonderful cruise to Alaska.  Benji and Tiger are also happy and welcomed us back with love and open paws, not to mention forgiveness for having left them for the week. Of course they were well cared for in our absence but they have assured me they much prefer my presence to not.  Benji, the most affectionate one, is insisting on being near me, beside me, or soft and snuggly on my lap since our return. Tiger is also looking for his share of love and assurance that I will never leave again. (At least anytime soon.)

Now, about that cruise!   l think I may have discovered the very best way to travel!  Okay, I also love flying, camping, road trips, bicycling, etc. but at least for now cruising has my vote.  Just check right into your floating home and leave the rest to them. Let them do the navigating while you take in new vistas minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day! Breathe in fresh marine air every morning as you walk on the Promenade Deck.  Three laps and you’ve walked a mile.  You’ll need that walk to work off all that wonderful food you are eating morning, noon and night.  But don’t walk too fast or you might miss the whales or the glaciers or the seals or the mountains or even the mountain goats as you make your way into Southeast Alaska.

I am still sorting through the best of the Alaska photos (I won’t tell you how many hundreds I took) and will bring them to you in my coming posts.  But for now, I leave with you the views from our ship as we departed Seattle and our first sunset cruise that evening.

More to come.  Stay tuned.

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “Home Again Home Again

    • Thanks Pete. It really was fun! I’d never been on a cruise before either so I brought lots of ginger and ‘seabands’ to wear on my wrists to ward off seasickness just in case; both are supposed to help with nausea. It was mostly smooth sailing though there were a few times we were ‘rockin and rollin’ and I began to wonder.. But the scenery made up for it!

  1. People often joke that cat love is simply cupboard love, but anyone who has lived with one knows that’s not true 🙂

    Beautiful sunset! I’ve never been on a cruise. As someone with limited mobility, I can definitely see the plusses (see below), but it’s the thought of all those people I’d be sharing the boat with!

    Some years ago, Hubby and I spent a day on the Brecon and Monmouth canal in a little boat powered by a very quiet electric motor. It was a beautiful day. He enjoyed steering the boat, I enjoyed watching the scenery drift peacefully by and we were free to stop where we wanted to and when we wanted to. Definitely my most preferred means of getting about, assuming good weather, but, unfortunately, not often available!

    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂 This was my first cruise so I didn’t know quite what to expect. We chose a midsize ship and Holland America which tends to draw an older crowed. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable everything was on the ship; our room was quiet, the food was great and the service was amazing. You never felt there were crowds of people. When we walked the promenade deck there were usually only a handful of other people out on it. It was very, very relaxing. And of course it was nice to leave from our home town, a thirty minute drive away! ~

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