Cat Trials

This is Benji and there are still some things I don’t understand about humans.  Sue is my favorite person in the world (don’t tell the others) but even she can be unpredictable.

Today after all our normal rituals (morning loves and scratching, fresh canned food with gravy, etc.)  she was acting in a suspicious manner.  While scratching the scruff of my neck she sneakily left behind some foul goo which interfered with my own cat smell,  and which I tried my best to lick away.  It was unfortunately just out of reach.  Tiger had the same noxious smell yesterday and that I can understand as he is not nearly as fast as me.  I shall have to confer with him about this peculiar human behavior.

Of course I forgive Sue this anomaly.  She must have her reasons for changing my scent for the day.  Perhaps I can sleep it off.

~  Benji

P.S.  from Sue ~  If I could avoid this part of cat parenting I would.  The boy is a fighter for sure!

7 Comments on “Cat Trials

  1. Benji, humans are always doing weird stuff. My Housefolk don’t like when I lay directly on their bath towels. Still not sure why; they’ll smell like me and be covered in my cat hair. I used to get those weird things on the back of my neck… now I don’t because one time I got really sick (see post “A Cautionary Tale”). Glad that’s over!
    Be seeing you,

    • Hi Midnight! It’s good to hear from you. 🙂 I like towels too, but I actually prefer the big bed! You are lucky your humans don’t put the smell on you anymore. I will tell Sue to read your Tale and maybe I won’t get it anymore either! ~ thanks! Benji

  2. It’s flea treatment, and good for you. I would explain, but you would never understand. Just tolerate it. I have to have it too!
    Best wishes, Ollie. x

    • Ah, flea treatment! A necessary evil I suppose.. We animals must must stand together against those blood sucking insects! thanks for your comment. Benji

  3. Aww Benji I’m sorry you guys had to get that smelly stuff. Mom put it on me once too, but since I never go outside she didn’t think she needed to keep up with it. But I think she’s going to ask about it when she takes me to my yearly checkup so who knows. Maybe it keeps you safe from other things too! I’ll let you know what they say!
    Foster 🐱🐼

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