An Urban Walk on the Green River

Today I went to the big warehouse store in Tukwila and noticed for the first time that it was directly next to the Green River Trail. (Costco, you heard of it?  And no, I really don’t shop here much, too crowded.)  Anyway, back to the Trail.

Hmmm, I said.  I need a walk today and this will have to do.

Of course, I much prefer the Green River where it flows wild nearer its source further east as seen at the Green River Gorge earlier this year.

But I was here not there and so after my shopping I decided to block out the industrial noise and walk along the river like I meant it.

There were many colorful wildflowers in bloom, and I especially loved the bright yellow yarrow,

and the sweet peas, which for some reason grow more happily here than at home.

Around the bend it was quieter, and I found some shade and a lovely pond.

I even enjoyed the dry grass where lived this little blue flower.

Beauty is where you find it. The Green River Trail right next to the Costco store.  It will have to do for today.

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “An Urban Walk on the Green River

  1. Best part of a blog is that you can share these fun trips with others – and always have a record of them for yourself!

  2. Nice to have such natural beauty so close to industrial development. And you made the most of it too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It was convenient for sure! It’s a beautiful river but rather hidden during that stretch through the valley. It was nice to find the trail there.

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