Scenes from the Oregon Coast

I woke up this morning in Florence on the Oregon Coast, arguably one of the most beautiful and accessible coastlines in America, if not the world. The past few days were overcast but the amazing sunrise over the Siuslaw River heralded a change in weather for the remaining days of our trip.

Next up were the Oregon Dunes which run from Florence to Coos Bay along the central coast.  We stopped to admire the mountains of ancient golden sand and breathe in the fresh ocean air scented with forest.

And now onward to Bandon under sunny skies.  I will share more pictures of the beautiful Pacific coast beaches in the next post.  Until then here is a picture of Cannon Beach from a few days ago just before it was swallowed up in clouds.

The dog (not ours) didn’t seem to mind.


5 Comments on “Scenes from the Oregon Coast

  1. Yes, that is such a beautiful drive…and virtually everything you see there is free – so non-commercialized still

  2. I’m envious of your nice trip to the Pacific coast. Still baking in our unseasonal heatwave here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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